10 Reasons To Wear False Eyelashes

By Holly Camilla on 21st January 2021 (updated: 3rd February 2021) in Blog

1. False eyelashes are good for your lashes!

Many people presume that falsies are damaging to real lashes, this is in fact a myth!

False eyelashes can even benefit your real lashes, unlike mascara that can cause your lashes to become thinner and brittle. If applies correctly and not rubbed, falsies can protect your lashes from impact therefore helping them grow longer and thicker.

2. Can make you feel more confident!

For decades women have worn false eyelashes to improve the look of their natural lashes. Wearing fake eyelashes can boost a woman’s confidence and make her feel more feminine.

3. They can enhance one of your best features!

Wearing false eyelashes can enhance and open up your eyes. Your eyes are the window to your soul, and one of the best features you have. Lash extensions add length, colour and definition to your lashes.

4. Lashes by Holly Camilla are cruelty-free!

5. False eyelashes can look natural

Not all fake eyelashes look ‘fake’. Fake lashes have come a long way from the obviously over-the-top lashes of yesteryear. Today false eyelashes come in a variety of materials, lengths and styles. If you want to supplement your natural eyelashes, lightweight faux mink lashes will add drama to the eyes. I have created many natural lases from ‘Queen‘ to ‘Build Your Empire‘.

6. Shine all day long!

Many makeup products can slowly fade during the day. Lipstick often wears away and the fresh look of a recently applied foundation can fade as the day goes on. False eyelashes, however, stay just as fresh and perfect all day.

7. Lashes by Holly Camilla are Eco-Friendly

8. False eyelashes have become a must-have, everyday accessory.

Celebrities sporting lush eyelashes have always been in vogue, but now false eyelashes have gone from special-occasion adornment to a must-have, everyday accessory.

With a list of options from Lashes by Holly Camilla from ‘Angel‘ and ‘Secrets‘ to ‘Girl Code‘ – I have created a variety of different style lashes and looks to suit everyone.

9. They are age-defying.

Instead of looking tired, our eyes are instantly opened up by fake eyelashes. Eyes appear youthful when they look wide awake, fresh and bright. Not only do we look younger but we feel younger, more confident, and happier about our appearance. When we age our eyes can become hooded with ageing skin, false eyelashes can hide this therefore creating a more youthful look!

10. You can wear false lashes every day!

It’s OK to wear false lashes as part of your daily makeup. Not all women can grow a full row of beautiful eyelashes naturally, but they can fake it with false lashes!

Many of my lashes look more realistic than ever, which is perfect for those who want to give their natural lashes an upgrade. Many celebrities wear natural-looking false lashes in their everyday lives, which has thrust eyelashes into the spotlight. Applying and removing fake lashes is super easy!

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