Hair by Chloemollyhair ~ Photographer – Chelsea White

Summer is so close and I wanted to share with you guys some of my favourite hair styles at the moment! I have always been a huge fan of plaits and any new fashion styles that have plaits in i’m there! You can use plaits in so many different ways, and I’ll be doing this over the up coming Summer months. The weather has such a big impact on most peoples hair, I literally have the frizziest hair when Summer finally comes and it’s humid, so plaits tend to control the frizz a lot!



Hair styles can sometimes take a while to do, so I always seem to choose in the morning depending how much time I have and where I’m going. The messy middle braid ( pictured below) is so quick and easy, it literally takes a couple of minutes but can switch up your look so easily! What I love about the middle braid is you can be anywhere and just quickly plait it in. I travel a lot in the Summer and spend a lot of the time in the pool, sea or playing sports so I also double plait all of my hair almost every morning, to keep it out the way and neat.


Space Buns were huge in 2017, and this is carrying on into 2018, but again there are lots of alternatives to how you wear them. Below I have sectioned my hair into two, put hairbands in to make two high pony tails on the top of my head and then twisted the pony into two individual buns and pinned them with grips.


Below are some of my favourite alternative space bun hair styles, you can get so much inspo from following hairstyles on social media.

The soft wave is perfect for that beach look I love. To get this look simply wash your hair the night before you’re going out, Β in the morning use GHD curling irons just on the ends of your hair, section pieces off and curl from the ear down. Then once this is done just brush them out gently and you’re good to go! To keep this look all day I use Bumble & Bumble’s Surf spray – click picture below to buy.



The messy bun is literally my go to hair style! it’s super quick, super easy, and suits literally everybody! Whenever I’m down the beach and want to go in the sea or just keep it off my face I just pop it up, easy as that, takes 2 seconds!


My final look is the Crown braid. I am obsessed with this type of braid, to be honest it’s not something that I personally would wear every day though. I think it’s perfect for a Prom or if you’re going out somewhere dressy and if you want a boho look just simply add flowers to the braid.




Can’t wait to see your Summer hair styles!


Hugs HC xxxxxx