Hi guys, hope your week is going great, not long until the weekend whoop!

This is just a quick blog, for those of you asking how I do my insta stories. I have had more questions about how I do this more than anything else this week, so I really wanted to show you. I love animations and different colours to add to my pictures and videos on my story to make them different and more interesting. I am obsessed with the new update on Insta, using animated text and GIF’s. I also use an app called HYPE TYPE, it’s free to download and it can do lots of different things to your photos, that make the image pop and create more of an exciting feel to the product or image I’m posting.

London Fashion Week Show last week I decided to use bold white letters on my photo, but you can mix it all up to different fonts and colours.


click on the “ariana”  link below to see what types of videos you can do!


The editor of the number one British selling teen magazine, “Top of the Pops “ contacted me recently, I am in this months issue and also hoping to do an article all about my blog coming out next month. To showcase this I used the  “HYPE TYPE” App and added bright Pink block captions to make it more fun see below!

buy your issue here – http://www.newsstand.co.uk/193-Pop-Music-Magazines/2018-Subscribe-to-TOP-OF-THE-POPS-Magazine-Subscription.aspx

Go grab yourself a copy, its full of fashion tips, celebrity gossip and vouchers for some top teen clothing brands, including NEW LOOK.



I hope this helps and I can’t wait to see all your stories, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram  – https://www.instagram.com/hollycamilla_/