Hair by Summer Langton – Michael Van Clarke – London

I thought I would write a beauty blog about my hair this month, as you guys have messaged me so many sweet messages about it and you have also asked what I use on it and where I go to get it cut and styled etc, so here goes!

My hair is naturally quite fluffy, fairly thick and can get very dry as it’s styled a lot on shoots, so I always make sure it is cut regularly to stop split ends. I visit Michael Van Clarke Hair salon in London once a month for a cut and Summer Langton is my go to Stylist. Summer is amazing and always uses a conditioning treatment on my hair too that stays on for ten minutes before it’s washed off, so it stays super soft and shiny!

Here my hair was curled using the GHD curve wand and then hair sprayed, Summer then brushed it out slightly to soften the wave.

click below for GHD curve:

When it comes to my every day life, I seem to have a regime with my hair that I just automatically do lol…..ย Not everyone can wash their hair every day but it just works for me as its so dry.


The haircare products I use every evening is label.m Honey and Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner, which is also the official haircare product forย LONDON FASHION WEEK which is coming up.

It is so amazing, it protects my hair against all the heat styling and always feels so soft.






Pictured is the conditioner, I literally use the smallest amount it goes so far!








Once a week after washing my hair and lightly towel drying, I soak it in “LifeSaver” pictured right from Micahel Van Clarke, it’s a weightless leave in conditioner and I sleep in it and then just wash it out in the morning.


Purchase this product by clicking here:—-more-inches—lifesaver-uv–500ml





I hope this helps and please send me comments or any questions, I love hearing from you.

Hugs HC xxxx