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It’s all about the Cropped/ knotted Tees, Tweed blazers and anything denim this Spring / Summer, bombers are still on the scene plus the ultimate accessories to add into the mix. Accessories ultimately complete your look and can take you from being relatively stylish to on point! I have written below a few of my faves that i’ll be wearing these upcoming months.

Cropped Tees – Cropped tees give me life! I love love love them, so I am super excited that they are huge right now for the upcoming season. You can wear them in so many different ways, for a casual look match them with denim shorts / jeans with a pair of trainers or for a smarter vibe add on a blazer over the top and wear a small heel or boot. Designers are also layering the cropped tees over shirts and under body suits too, so you can mix it up!

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Tommy Tee

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Knotted Tee 


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TWEED BLAZERS – I have always thought blazers were a great way of making something that is basic and casual, into something smarter and on trend for when I’m going out for dinner or to an event. With blazers though, I have aways opted for plain black ones, so I was not sure how I would feel in a tweed one! until…. I saw the ones in stores this season and they are AMAZING! my favourite is the one I’m pictured in above.

SOCKS – Not just any socks, socks that make a statement! everyone is doing it from Chanel to all major high street brands. They were all over the runway this Spring, and have become way cooler than I had ever thought they could be! You can buy them so cheaply too, Forever 21 have pairs for £2.




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BOMBERS – These have been huge recently, from the thick large bombers for Winter to sports team logo bombers for Spring , high street brands are carrying them on into Summer, which I’m so pleased about as we all know what the UK weather is like even in July lol, so just a cropped lighter material version is perfect!

ME – featured in the Chicago Bulls Bomber on WWW.TOPSHOP.COM

You can purchase this Seasons Summer cropped bombers at various different price ranges from Gigi x Tommy bomber at £250 to the super cool lightweight bomber from Pretty Little Thing at £10.

GIGI X TOMMY BOMBER – click to buy here


PRETTY LITTLE THING – click to buy here

HATS – Baker Boy Hats are officially back in fashion and look great on teens as well as adults. They are literally everyones must have, including the likes of Kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber. I do love a hat, mainly a baseball cap in the Summer to keep the sun off my eyes, but I really like to smarten up my weekend look with these. You can wear them with jeans and a casual jumper or team it up with a black leather skirt and black tee or even a dress, click link below for the Baker Boy I’m wearing below.


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DENIM- Jeans will never go out of fashion, they are a classic but brands spice it up each season and this S/S it’s all about the stripes and the cropped. In the Summer I personally live in jean shorts, so that’s why I have been scouring the shops to find my new next fave pair. I am shooting very soon and I can’t wait to reveal my favourite pairs this year!

I was lucky to have Daisy Emerson personalise a pair of Joni jeans for me from TOPSHOP.



Well that’s it for this blog, but I will be doing a Summer style swimwear fashion blog very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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